Navigare is a real-time online platform which helps you hire/book/rent light commercial vehicles (LCVs) aka mini-truck. A vehicle which suits your need is just a click away. Try Navigare to know how easily you can move your usual day-to-day use goods (like furniture, electrical appliances, paints etc.) or your house or your office.
Navigare has tried it’s best to make hiring/booking/renting vehicle as convenient as possible. Follow the given steps to get a vehicle of your choice:
a) Search the Navigare app on Google play store
b) Download the app
c) Register yourself
d) Look for the vehicle as per your need based on vehicle size, its load bearing capacity & type of goods which you want to move
e) Check the Fare Estimate of your chosen vehicle
f) Confirm Booking
g) After booking your vehicle, sit back & relax. Navigare would move goods to its destination.
At Navigare, your convenience is our Motto. Navigare helps you with the following:
  • You can choose the vehicle as per your need from a vast fleet of LCVs (Piaggio Ape, Tata Ace/Chota Hathi, Super Ace, Tata 407, Bolero Pick-up etc.), E-Rickshaw and Bikes & Scooters.
  • You save your time by hiring a vehicle at a click
  • You trust your goods to our verified driver partners.
  • You know the fare before you book.
  • You can track your goods.
  • You can always ask for support (in case you face service related issues).
Yes, without an iota of doubt. All the driver partners at Navigare are individually verified before their onboarding on the platform. We also maintain a copy of all the necessary documents of our driver. Navigare offers tracking facility to its users. This means you can always track your trip. Further, the driver collects signature(s) and photos of delivery notes/invoices at the destination.
Yes, you can track your vehicle. To track your trip, log-in on the Navigare platform with your credentials. We show in real-time the movement of your truck in a map view.
Yes, you get to know the estimated trip fare before booking. Our smart fare calculator shows the fare estimate once you input necessary details i.e. trip starting location, destination location & the vehicle you want to hire.
Navigare allows all the goods which are transportable & don’t fall under the list of prohibited items. However you should always choose your vehicle based on the payload and capacity requirements. To help you make right choice, we broadly categorize goods as:
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Furniture/Home Décor
  • House Shifting
  • Machines/Equipment/Spares
  • Logistics Service Provider/Packers & Movers
  • Ceramics/Sanitary/Hardware
  • Chemicals/Paints/Oil
  • Pharmacy/Medical/Healthcare/Fitness
  • FMCG/Food Products
  • Plastic/Rubber
  • Books/Stationary/Gifts/Toys
  • Construction Materials
Note: This list is not exhaustive.
Navigare offers multiple payment options. A user can pay for his trip fare through:
Navigare Wallet: It makes payment hassle free for users who have deposited money in the wallet in advance. The wallet balance gets automatically adjusted against your future trip fares. If sufficient balance is not available, the remaining amount has to be paid in cash.
Cash: A user can also pay for the trip fare in cash directly to the driver at the drop location.
Note: A user can select the mode of payment at the time of order placement. Also, Navigare does not offer any credit facility.
The fare estimate is not the final fare. Fare estimate may differ from the final fare in following situations:
  • If you make considerable changes in your pick-up & drop-off location from the one mentioned at the time of booking.
  • If you exceed the specified loading & unloading time.
  • If you make multiple stops in your trip without mentioning it while booking.
  • If you insist our driver to take on a particular route & if this route is different from our recommended route.
  • Other unforeseen issues.
No. You need to pay for the toll, parking and other charges separately. These charges are over and above the trip fare. You have to pay for these charges to our driver partner directly.
Note: In case of a toll on your trip, only return toll fare will be charged.
Yes. You only need to ask our driver partner to go to your desired drop location. However this may change fare.
No, we don’t provide labor. However our driver partners may help on friendly basis, if they want. If our driver partner is willing to help you, the charge for their labor would be mutually decided or negotiated between the two of you. Navigare is not responsible for any issue(s) arising out of it.
Yes. Advance booking can be made 3 hours before the time of requirement of vehicle. The trip related details would be shared to you 30 minutes before the indicated time.
All cancellations made after driver allocation will incur a cancellation fee of Rs.50. Cancelling four bookings in a day after driver allocation will temporarily suspend your account for 24 hours. Cancellation charges are subject to change.
E-way bill is now mandatory with effect from 1 st April 2018, for inter-state transport of goods worth more than Rs 50,000. If applicable, please provide our driver partner a copy of valid E-way bill & invoice for hassle free movement of goods. If the value ofgoods is not more than Rs 50,000, please provide our driver partner a copy of invoice, bill of supply or delivery challan/receipt.
Note: For more information on E-way bill, Click Here.
Navigare connects you to reputed packers & movers. You simply need to fill a form to request our services. We have experienced helpers who handle goods safely, offering you a worry free shifting at affordable rates.

Coupons & Offers

It is an incentive for Navigare users where benefits are offered, subject to terms as applicable from time to time. You can think of our offers as a special promotional campaign.
Yes. You should check offers section of the Navigare app for benefits.
Any purchase or transaction made on the Navigare platform would be considered as a voluntary participation in this program.
A user’s participation in this program makes him/her agree to the terms as given in Navigare’s terms of service.
The scheme active at the given time would be displayed in the offers section.

Driver & Vehicle Supplier

Joining Navigare as a driver or vehicle supplier helps you get regular trips with better earning & on-time payment. You need not worry about being idle & dry run. You get standard trip rates without wasting your time in fare negotiation.
You need to download the Navigare App & register yourself as the driver or vehicle supplier partner. Our on-boarding team will get in touch to help you complete the rest of the process. Note: Completing registration at the Navigare platform is mandatory if you wish to attach your vehicles with us.
Yes, you need to submit documents & permits to join Navigare. We ask for two types of documents & permits.
Vehicle related documents: RC book; Fitness certificate; Insurance; Pollution Control.
Owner/Driver/Your identity related documents: Driving License; PAN card; Bank Details; Address Proof.
No, you need not pay anything to join Navigare. However you would have to recharge your Navigare wallet with a minimum of Rs 300/- only, to get your first ride. This is the minimum wallet balance you need to maintain to continue getting rides on the platform.
Navigare is an intra-city logistics company & thus employs all the vehicles which fall under the category of light commercial vehicle (LCVs). The LCVs have a carrying capacity of upto 3 ton. Some of the LCVs are Piaggio Ape, Tata Ace, Mahindra Supro, Maruti Super Carry, Bolero Pick-up, Tata 407 etc.
Navigare is a LCV aggregator & it is also creating an intra-city freight market place. This means Navigare intends to cater to a huge customer base through its online platform. If you partner with us as a driver or vehicle supplier, you get regular trips for your vehicle(s).
Based on your activeness on our platform, you can make upto 1.5 times your current monthly earning. As your ratings matter in getting rides, be mindful of the same.
The Navigare app has provisioned it all for you. You need to do relevant actions on the app to check your earnings & reviews.
Yes, you can refer the Navigare app to your friends. Each successful referral earns you referral benefits. To refer to your friend you first need to log-in into the app. Thereafter go to left side action panel & click on Share to refer to your friends.
You get *15% of the first ride/trip value of your referral recipient. The recipient must be a new user i.e. the details such as email &/or mobile number used for signing up has not been used earlier on the Navigare platform. Using same device for signing-up with different email &/or mobile number does not qualify as a valid referral. *15% upto a maximum of Rs 100/-only.
You can always reach us at our nearest local office or on the helpline number.

Referral Program

Refer & earn is a privilege program meant to reward loyal Navigare users. This program is valid only for Navigare mobile application users.
Any purchase or transaction made on the Navigare mobile application would be considered as a voluntary participation in this program.
A user’s participation in this program makes him/her agree to the terms as given in Navigare’s terms of service.
To know your referral coupon/code, log-in to your user account in the Navigare app and go to Share & Earn tab on the left hand side action panel.
After you have referred your code to someone, the referral discount/benefit applies only at the completion of the first order of the referral code recipient. Kindly note that the recipient must be a new user i.e. the details such as email &/or mobile number used for signing up has not been used earlier on the Navigare platform.
The value of discount/benefit at any time will be as per the program active at the given time. The discount/benefit earned under this program can only be availed once. It does not carry any cash value. It cannot be used on any previous orders. This discount/benefit cannot be used alongside any offer &/or program available with Navigare at that time. This discount/benefit is applied only on the final chargeable amount.
No. This code is not to be duplicated, sold or transferred to the general public through any means.
A user (one who shared his/her referral coupon/code) can earn a maximum of 20 referral discounts/benefits. Note that the referral coupon/code recipient signing up with different email &/or mobile number using the same device does not qualify as a valid referral.
The discount/benefit availed under this program may be subject to additional terms as in minimum value of order, validity, region of using Navigare service etc. In case of suspicion of abuse or abuse or any fraudulent action by user to have undue gain from this program, Navigare may deny honouring the discount/benefit earned by that user, discontinue or suspend the user account or do whatever is necessary to combat such misuse of the referral program.


It is an absolutely free virtual wallet which helps you pay online for all your trips with Navigare. The Navigare wallet balance can only be used for Navigare services. To read wallet related terms of service
Navigare wallet makes payment hassle free. It does away your need to carry cash whenever hiring a vehicle with us. The wallet balance gets automatically adjusted against your future trip fares. It also comes with hard to decline promotional offers. Go cashless with Navigare wallet.
Navigare wallet is available to every Navigare user. To start using this wallet you only need to sign up with Navigare.
To recharge your wallet, you need to log in to your Navigare account. Then go to My Money section and recharge your wallet.
You should recharge your wallet as per your requirement & convenience.
The Navigare wallet balance never expires. You can use it anytime as per your need/wish. The amount which is credited as part of promotions has certain validity period as mentioned in the promotional campaign. Also note that the balance of inactive user account may be forfeited if no orders have been placed for one year from the date of last order.
No, you cannot transfer balance from one account to another.
To check your wallet balance you need to log-in to your user account. Thereafter go to my money tab, you would see your balance.
Kindly remember that recharge may take upto 48 hours to get credited to your wallet. In case, the recharge amount does not reflects in your Navigare wallet within 48 hours of making the recharge, please contact us via our helpline number.
Upon successful transaction, the benefits will be credited in your wallet within 24 hours.
In case of insufficient balance, Navigare will try to adjust the balance as much as possible to meet trip fare (or any dues, if present). You will have to pay the remaining trip fare in cash.